lundi, mai 14, 2007

The absolute loneliness of souls

P. in the night, lights, drunks, girls, lovers…
Orange clouds reflecting yellow lights
Dogs, birds and forgotten hearts…
Errant souls, solitude, cold

Me and the city, unite, unique, alone…
Let me be you for a second,
Lend me your eyes
Let me see the word as if I was you

From far I already see some
People laughing, children screaming…
The wind is in my hair,
I feel I fly; no I am dissolving

There I am.
Do you see me?
I am everywhere…

3 commentaires:

marou a dit…

Yellow shadow in a cherry tree orchad.
Sky reflecting orange light.
New life strolling in a land of death. Hope.Wind.God presence. You are not alone.

Lobs a dit…

c'est un photogramme du film dolls?

Xander a dit…

Oui lobs
Merci marou